The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) came to TerpSys to redesign and implement two web sites, and ARVO needed to: break down silos between different departments' information, demonstrate the value of membership, and clearly tell the ARVO Foundation story, showing the bridge between the foundation and ARVO.

In our creative discussions, the dozens of stakeholders from ARVO had differing opinions on the next step for the brand. Of the comments I heard, several expressed a desire to feel more academic. Several stakeholders mentioned scientific journals.

I delivered two concepts in the hours allotted for one, allowing for a democratic process for ARVO in the selection of the new look. The vote was overwhelmingly for the design featured here, which only needed minor tweaks to be approved.

For the ARVO Foundation site re-design, we stuck closely to the parent site in look and information architecture, and adjusted the color palette to better fit the Foundation's established branding. Users can now effortlessly navigate between the two sites and know who owns the content at a glance. 

Designed & Developed at TerpSys
Information Architect: Wendy Stengel

“Not only did the Design team do an exceptional job (the COO noting after one of the meetings “you girls really nailed it!”), but they also came in significantly under budget.”
- Project Manager for the ARVO Projects