FLOC Outdoor Education Center

For Love of Children's (FLOC) Outdoor Education Center offers groups (mostly school-age children) the opportunity to learn and grow through hands-on team-building activities, leadership training, and environmental education at a scenic, serene wooded camp in West Virginia.

Design projects for a good cause and great people are such an extra pleasure to work on. I took inspiration from hundreds of photographs the center provided, including the old, faded wood texture of its cabins and the bright orange shirts the counselors wear to be seen in the forest. The center's motto, "Learn, Trust, Challenge," moved front-and-center to the homepage and I created icons from scratch to illustrate the center's services and resonate with the teachers and parents in the site's audience. Everything came together with the immersive, playful and powerful, richly textured look that FLOC was hoping for, and they began generating new leads immediately.

"It's working and we are very excited about it... Thanks so much for the help.  You guys are awesome and the work you are doing is greatly helping us here at The Outdoor Education Center of For Love of Children and making life a lot easier for us so that we can in turn offer great programming for our youth we serve!"
— Todd McKinney, Director of the Outdoor Education Center of For Love of Children

Designed & Developed at TerpSys
Information Architect: Wendy Stengel