For large organizations or one-person small businesses, I ensure a thoughtful and effective result, an efficient process, and a package of deliverables that will make everyone’s lives easier for years afterward. 

Every client, large or small, receives a package of files that are clearly labeled as well as a file type glossary, guide to usage, essentials like official colors and fonts, and a guide to how I name your files. You will always find exactly what you need when you need it.

Evolution vs. Revolution 

Organizations often have a logo that generally works, but the original files are no longer usable. I ask questions, examine the file, make improvements, and provide a folder of versatile assets. This service usually takes just a few days from start to delivery.

Others, such as Opportunity Education’s in-house rebranding, reflect a longer process collaborating with C-level stakeholders, conducting in-depth research, and delivering iterative presentations to ensure a successful result aligned with each goal.