mōsbē is a powerful suite of tools and models based on game technology that generates results rapidly and more affordably than through traditional simulation models. It can be installed on an ordinary PC, making it very easy to deploy for first responders, government or military clients. Based on BreakAway’s experience in creating commercial entertainment games and building military, first-responder, and medical simulations, mōsbē provides the end user the freedom to build worlds, create scenarios, and assess new capabilities in a fully interactive 2D/4D environment, independent of contractor support.

I worked with BreakAway for over two years as a freelancer, helping to launch the mosbe platform. I designed the original packaging and developed a variety of marketing materials. My goal was to give this powerful tool for first responders a look that would stand out on a shelf amidst clutter, bring its interface and beautiful 3D renderings into its branding, and ensure that its value proposition -- its entertainment gaming usability -- would shine through.

Before my contract ended, I made some strides to re-brand mosbe and re-design its outdated red "swoosh" logo, which was originally designed quickly by a developer on the project. Breaks in funding and a fondness for the original logo halted the re-design before it could take off.