Opportunity Education Rebranding

Opportunity Education (OE) underwent a shift in 2017. Formerly an organization primarily focused on overseas classroom aid, OE began throwing its efforts into to redefining what education should be, on a global scale. Rather than distributing educational materials that aged quickly to classrooms that weren't able to use them to their full potential, OE began research and development of a unique curriculum and methodology for more effective, active, project-based learning from the ground up, then built apps to support and deliver them. 

While the shift was big, the organization's heart and sense of purpose was the same as the day it was founded, with a clear vision to help young people empower themselves to achieve their dreams. A repositioning and rebranding effort needed to honor that foundation as well as look ahead. 

Note: OE's websites are excluded. The content, information architecture, layout, etc. are outside of my role.




Opportunity Education