Paris Air Show

The week-long Paris International Air Show in Le Bourget is attended by hundreds of thousands of visitors and thousands of exhibitors from around the world. As they say, “the entire aviation industry is in attendance,” and so is the State of Maryland each year, promoting itself as an aviation and aerospace powerhouse of resources.

For this booth, I tiled a huge Photoshop-heavy sky and clouds graphic panel to completely cover the meeting area in the center of the booth, to create mood and depth as guests circled the it. I drew maps in Illustrator and plotted points using GIS-exported layers, and made it easy for Maryland's international crew to re-use the graphics later. The patriotic color palette was intentional, as Maryland is one of the only U.S. states to exhibit internationally, and we needed to play up our access to DC-area resources.

I have worked on a number of projects that will be produced overseas, and each presents new challenges. I like to collect partner/sponsor assets and get art approved as early as possible, to avoid time-zone or language-barrier stressors near during production time (and double- and triple-check those metric conversions).