QuestCommunity App

QuestCommunity is a web-based app primarily for leaders of schools using Quest Forward Learning. It provides insights into the activity of students and mentors, and allows school management features such as attendance tracking and curriculum progress.

My Role

QuestCommunity was developed after Quest! and QuestMaker, as the third piece of the ecosystem of Quest Forward apps, when I was in the Design Director role of the Platform Team. It was designed by Matthew Stucky, a wonderful product designer on the team, with my supervision and direction. We envisioned a clean, uncluttered product that was dense with colorful data, so Matt and I agreed that a light and bright, unobtrusive UI would be best to keep the data paramount and easy for a busy principal to parse quickly.

I now serve as OE's Creative Director, which began in January of 2019, which meant a departure from the Platform Team. I now provide the occasional critique and brand alignment guidance.