Social Media

Social media during the COVID-era can be tricky, but also potentially game-changing for organizations struggling to reach their audiences. A case study: With a collaboration with Fruitful, we were able to close an impossible enrollment gap at two private high schools founded by Opportunity Education — Quest Forward Academies in Omaha, NE and Santa Rosa, CA — during a difficult time for parents and also for recruiters of private, tuition-seeking high schools. Unable to safely conduct in-person video shoots, and with the clock ticking, we recorded video content during Zoom calls and remotely directed smartphone and laptop selfie video, and posted them as Facebook and Instagram ads with strong calls to action. 

What follows is that work, plus a sampling of the day-to-day work I do to help these organizations thrive. I not only produce quick-turnaround needs, but I also produce Canva templates that empower our partner schools and my colleagues to create brand-aligned materials on their own. It increases our collective efficiency, but it also creates dozens of brand ambassadors that know and understand our principles. I also help break down the analytics from the social media platforms and Google Analytics into easy-to-digest reports, so we can optimize and improve month after month.




Opportunity Education Global, Opportunity Education Tanzania, Quest Forward Academies


Designer & Art Director


animation, social media