UASK & ASKDC Mobile Apps

UASK (University Assault Services Knowledge) and its community counterpart, ASKDC (Assault Services Knowledge Washington, DC), are a pair of mobile apps designed to provide quick, confidential help in the event of an assault. They include access to a free ride to a hospital, a one-click dial to a counselor, and a directory of campus and community resources. Everything about the design -- from the logo, to the color palette and icons, to the app and website interfaces -- was designed to provide safe, fast, and discrete help to victims and those aiding victims during an emotional and difficult time.

It's an important project and I am thrilled to play a part in its success. Before, victims may not have known what to do, feared making the wrong move, or become lost in a confusing search for resources and give up. Now, victims are successfully finding the help they need, quickly and safely. The project is raising awareness in the community and exposing an overwhelming increase in reported sexual assault and rape crimes across Washington, DC.

The initiative continues to receive local and national media attention, and expansion to other markets around the country is underway. 

UASK: Website, iTunes, Google Play
ASKDC: Website, iTunes, Google Play

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